Essential Equipment for LPG Cylinder Manufacturing

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Essential Equipment for LPG Cylinder Manufacturing

As we all know, because liquefied petroleum gas is flammable, volatile, corrosive, the LPG cylinders used to store it have high requirements in all aspects, including the raw materials of the cylinders, production processes, and equipment, technology, all need to be implemented in strict accordance with the standards.

So, what are the basic equipment for producing liquefied petroleum gas cylinders?

First of all, for raw materials, we will use unloading machines and automatic unloading machines. Secondly, in changing the shape of raw materials, we will use punching machines, rounding machines, stretching machines, mouth trimming machines, necking machines, punching machines, grinding machines, and printing machines. In welding, we will use gas shielded welding, submerged arc welding and so on. In processing, we will use shot blasting machines, grinding machines, plastic spraying equipment, angle valve machines, automatic inflation equipment, airtight equipment, etc.

In short, the basic production equipment of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders is various, but each equipment has the inspection requirements of the first inspection order when it starts to operate, and it can only operate normally when it passes the inspection.