Tianlong Cylinders China has been producing LPG cylinders for more than 28 years since 1993.We have different types of gas cylinders according to the different requirements of different markets. We can customize the cylinders according to your preferences and emboss your brand name. 
    We obtained ISO9001 in 1998 and ISO 14000 in 2016, has passed many markets Quality Department inspection and get license like CE and BV for ISO standards. And we have professional teams to produce and test the cylinders. The gas cylinder manufacturing process is: drawing the design, raw material procurement, production assembly, quality inspection and other processes. And we export to Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Southeast Asia and other regions.
Mainly Products
Production Process
lpg cylinder production process
Stamping hot-rolled steel coils into different parts of the cylinder body
Weld different parts of 
the cylinder into a complete cylinder
gas cylinder production process
​​​​​​​Powder Spray
Spray plastic powder of different colors on steel cylinders
Cylinder product processing