Gas cylinder signs

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Gas cylinder signs

Gas cylinder signs include manufacturing marks, periodic inspection marks and other marks.

(1) Manufacturing marks are divided into stamped marks (including marks on the nameplate), label marks (marks pasted on the bottle body, the same below), printed marks (marks printed on the bottle body, the same below), electronic reading Signs (including electronic carriers such as radio frequency tags and two-dimensional codes that use image recognition technology to electronically scan and read data, the same below) and gas cylinder color marks;

2) Periodic inspection marks are divided into steel seal marks, electronic identification marks, label marks and coating marks, etc.;

(3) In addition to the gas cylinder marking methods (1) and (2) of this article, the manufacturing unit or installation unit and inspection agency of fuel gas cylinders for taxis shall also make a water-durable taxi "TAXI" at a prominent position on the gas cylinder. Logo (steel gas cylinder adopts steel seal mark, fiber wound gas cylinder adopts label mark of resin back cover, etc.).