How to choose your own cylinder?

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How to choose your own cylinder?

Presumably every leader engaged in steel cylinders and related industries wants their own brand of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, so how to customize steel cylinders? How to choose the steel cylinder you like?

First of all, steel cylinders come in various sizes, we export 0.5kg-50kg steel cylinders, including 3kg gas cylinder、5kg gas cylinder、6kg gas cylinder、9kg gas cylinder、12kg gas cylinder、15kg gas cylinder、50kg gas cylinder,you need to choose the size you want.

Secondly, the valves of steel cylinders are also various, like POL、SNAP、Needle valve, Plug valve and so on, you need to choose the valve you like.

Thirdly, cylinders can have different colors, you just choose the color you prefer.

Lastly, just tell us your company name or brand name, we can emboss them on the cylinders.