How to transport gas cylinders?

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How to transport gas cylinders?

We usually transport some gas cylinders in the process, the most important point is to ensure that everything is safe. Since safety is so important, and since the standards for the safe transportation of cylinders are the same in almost all countries around the world, we have developed detailed guidelines on how to safely transport cylinders based on the standards.

What should we do in the process of cylinder transportation

First of all, we have to ensure that the vehicle and the number of transport cylinders match, and the vehicle itself should meet national standards to be safe on the road

•-Weight should not be overloaded, especially the cylinder should be fixed firmly, check whether each cylinder is leaking

•-Gas cylinders should be loaded in the process of vertical upward base should be fixed firmly, shield and valve facing upward

•-During the driving process of the vehicle, the speed should be gentle 

 What we must not do in the transportation process

•-Must put up a sign stating that smoking is strongly discouraged in or near our vehicles

•-No ignition sources, including cigarette lighters, portable stoves, etc., are allowed in the vicinity of our gas cylinders

•-Conform to national standards for transporting gas, the usual standard is to carry more than 333kg of gas without an ADR permit