How to use gas cylinder safely?

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How to use gas cylinder safely?

Liquefied petroleum gas(LPG) cylinders are widely used in people's daily life, including cooking at home, camping, barbecuing, and using water heaters, which brings great convenience to our lives.

However, because LPG is volatile, flammable and explosive, corrosive, toxic, the LPG cylinders used to store them have also become extremely dangerous.

Then how to use gas cylinder safely?

Select LPG cylinders produced by regular gas cylinder suppliers and have product qualification certificates, and conduct regular inspections on schedule.

Before the first use, check whether there is any leakage at the joints of the pressure reducing valve and the rubber hose.

Use the switch correctly to prevent the switch on the stove and gas cylinder from being damaged and leaking.

The gas cylinder must be used upright, and it is strictly forbidden to use it horizontally or upside down.

After the cylinder is used, make sure the switch is turned off.

Do not place cylinders in places where the temperature is too high.

The rubber hose of the LPG cylinder should be replaced every two years.