LPG cylinder manufacturing process

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LPG cylinder manufacturing process

Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders are indispensable items in life, and the quality of steel cylinders has always been concerned, because once the quality of gas cylinders is unqualified, it will cause great problems to human life, so what is the correct production process of gas cylinders? How to make steel cylinders to meet safety standards.

The main production process of LPG cylinders can be roughly divided into the following steps: ①raw material inspection: this need to be non-destructive tested which is vital step before they go to next manufacturing process. 

②Blanking and drawing: steel plate will be firstly cut and formed into the dimensions of the LPG Cylinder body depending on technical drawings. Hydraulic machines will be used for deep drawing process.

③Trimming and beading: trimming and beading of the edges of the body halves make the halves to be easily combined and firmly welded.

④Circumferential welding: the body halves will be welded on the seam welding machine from their circumferences by arc welding.

⑤Annealing treatment:  previous welding operations on LPG Cylinder make the joint parts chemically and mechanically changed. Annealing treatment, which alters the internal crystal structure of steel raw material, is used to reduce hardness, restore ductility and relieve stress of the cylinder.

⑥Shot blasting

⑦Painting and labeling: cylinder body painting and labeling will be customized