What is the price of lpg cylinder?

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What is the price of lpg cylinder?

As you know, different goods have different prices, and the same goods will have different prices under different circumstances, so will LPG cylinder.

We need to determine the price according to the quantity, size and valve type you order.

When you make an inquiry, please inform us of this information in advance so that we can provide a more accurate quotation:

1.The quantity you want to buy. Our minimum order quantity is one 40HQ container.

2.The country you live in. Different countries have different requirements and different currencies, so the prices will be different. For example, the same 3kg cylinder price in January 2023 in Zimbabwe is 9.39USD, but in South Africa it is 11.8USD.

3.The sizes and valves you need. The price of different lpg cylinder sizes and are different. Cylinders of different sizes have different weights, please tell us the lpg cylinder weight you need. And the prices will be different with different lpg cylinder valves. 

4. Please offer your specification. We will design and produce according to your requirements. If you don't have, we will draw for you.

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