What is the weight of lpg cylinder?

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What is the weight of lpg cylinder?

As we all know, LPG cylinders are used to store liquefied petroleum gas. Therefore, depending on how much LPG they store, LPG cylinders will have a corresponding volume, this also determines the weight of the LPG.

Tianlong is one of the most professional LPG cylinder manufacturers in China for over 29 years, we export from 0.5kg to 50kg cylinder and we distributed to all over the world. However, not all countries require cylinders of 0.5-50kg. Different countries have different markets, and the size requirements for steel cylinders are also different. For example, the Philippine market tends to use 2.7kg, 5kg and 11kg gas cylinders; the Cambodian market tends to use 4kg, 5kg and 15kg steel cylinders; the Zimbabwean market tends to use 3kg, 5kg, 9kg and 15kg cylinders.